Whats Is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram Marketing is an online photo-sharing application and social networking service. Through this, you can share the photo online and in many ways can edit, use it on both your phone and system. According to the 2014 report, there are about 800 million people on Instagram every month, which is why it is a good source to make people aware of their work.

You can also post temporary posts on Instagram, through stories, photos or videos. In this, you can convey your talk to people through stories and you can also TAG your friends by writing @ “friend’s name”, this post remains present for 24 hours. Similarly, you can also share videos and live videos through stories.

Things to remember while Instagram marketing

  • Keep the video size to 1080 * 54.
  • Keep the size of the picture 1080 * 1080, 1080 * 58, 1080 * 1350.
  • Use a maximum of 30 #tags.
  • Use the correct # tags in the caption.

Now let us know how to promote your business with Instagram marking

  • Change your Instagram profile to Business Profile before Instagram promotion.
  • Go to Setting and press Switch to Business Profile.
  • Login with your Facebook id.
  • Select your Facebook page that you want to promote.
  • Fill in any information to contact you.
  • Your profile will change to Business Profile and you will see the Promote option.

Steps to promote in Instagram marketing

  1. First, select the Promote button at the top of your profile.
  2. Select any photo you want to promote. Just like your college comes in top BTech colleges in Tamilnadu, you can promote your college by taking good photos of your students.
  3. After that, you will get two options

1) Get more profile and website visits (if you have an online business or online company, you can use it)

2) Reach people near an address. (If you want to reach Mojud people around a world) Choose anyone.

Get more profile and website visits, for example:

After that, you will get the details page in which you have to fill all the information.

  • Objective: To make your business accessible to the people around you or to bring the logo to your profile or website.
  • Destination: Where do you want to bring people to your profile or website.
  • Action Button: What do you want people to do by coming here like Learn more, Watch more, Contact Us.
  • Audience: Where you can choose your own audience as per location, according to their interests, according to their age between 13-75, man or woman according to their gender.
  • Budget: Choose how much money you want to pay from the violence of the day.
  • Duration: For how long do you want to promote.

After filling all the information, your promotion will start.

To see the information after the promotion of the promotion, select the View Insights below, through which you can know.

  • How many people did your promotion reach
  • How much people liked, commented, saved him, & hung out with him.

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