Facebook is a today’s world newspaper , Thanks to Mark Zukerberg, who founded this for connecting us with the people those who are far from us or we didn’t left with their contacts.It is the best way to stay connected with your loved ones in this busy Era. Most of the times people click their pictures specifically for the Facebook profile picture and after seeing the likes and comments they feel themselves on cloud 9.

Free promotion

Facebook is not only accessed for fun and time pass. It is the amazing source of promoting your company too, How? I tell you, Whenever we post any of the thing whether a picture, story or share any body else things on Facebook we are promoting that particular item. people in our friend list are able to see, like and share our post, By doing that their friends are also able to see that particular post. Their one more option is available that is making your own page or group, where you can name them by your business name or brand name.It is a platform to promote your business with the people of same interest.Its a self learning too. Friends of yours can easily share your post on Facebook which is the free promotion.

Paid Promotion

Money will not buy absolute happiness but i am sure sure it will buy the relative one. As you read the heading its all about paid promotion. People are buying their likes by paying for it.Definitely if your target is to reach maximum number of peoples then you have to run the paid ads on Facebook . What you understand by paid ads? Again i am here to answer you for that, paid ads are the sponsored advertisements on the very minimal cost. First you have to select your target while running your ads like page likes, traffic, conversion, engagements. Once you finalize your target then other criteria are their to select like budgeting,target audience,target country,city or region, time, date and for how many days. After finalizing all the criteria and when you start it, In a very short period of time you will start seeing difference on your Facebook pages.


Keep posting, tagging and sharing on Facebook but don’t forget to run your business ads on the same.I am sure guys this will definitely give you new life to your business identity.





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